Our firm

THEN    >>>>>>>>>>    NOW

Having been in business since 1966, KEB is one of Kuwait’s most venerable and trusted consultancies.  We offer architecture, engineering, planning and project management services. We are proud to have played a part in shaping history, and today we strive to channel our accumulated knowledge and experience into shaping the future.


LOCAL    >>>>>>>>>    GLOBAL

We employ a truly multi-cultural workforce, with staff from near and far operating out of our headquarters in Salhiya - the very heart of Kuwait City. From this vantage point, we stay in tune with the local culture while keeping one eye firmly on the global market, trends and economy.


US    >>>>>>>>>>>>    YOU

We have a talented and multi-disciplinary in-house staff as well as strong relationships with foreign consultants and sub-consultants in order to ensure that we can fulfill each and every demand of your project to the best possible international standards. Our credibility is further reinforced by our registration with all relevant governmental sectors and our partnerships with complementary enterprises.