56+ Years of Experience


Since 1966 we have been providing engineering, labor, planning and project management services while considering our responsibility in providing sustainable services and solutions to clients and the environment, striving to direct our accumulated knowledge and experience in shaping the future by employing the strength of a multicultural worker who has a strong relationship with foreign consultants and sub-consultants in order to ensure that the requirements of our clients are met with the best possible international standards.

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KEB Then

At KEB, we respect tradition while keeping our finger on the pulse of modernity in order to provide our clients and the commnity with sound, up to the minute design.


At KEB we pay attention to the tiniest architectural detail while keeping in mind our responsibility to provide sustainable solution for the environment health of the earth.

KEB Future

At KEB, we understand the importance of relationships, and we endeavor to forge long-term relationships built on trust, value and a shared vision for the future.